When You Shop With Ready Finance Your Credit Plan Is Customised For You And You Only.

  • You pay no Deposit: With no down payment required, there is no need to spend your cash.
  • You choose your payment term – up to 36 months – Choose the payment term that best suits your needs – 3 to 36 months
  • Payment Protection – YOUR INSTALMENTS ARE COVERED; If not conditions apply. Applicable for contracts 12 months and over

If unforeseen circumstances affect your ability to pay your monthly installments, your payments will be waived or your balance paid off in full

  • LOSS OF JOB DUE TO REDUNDANCY – Installments will be paid for up to one year
  • HOSPITALIZATION – In the event of hospitalization your monthly payment is covered up to 3 months
  • LOSS OF ITEM DUE TO THEFT, FIRE, FLOOD OR NATURAL DISASTER – the balance on your account is covered under PPP /* Conditions Apply */
  • Get Credit at the Cash price – Our credit is based on the actual cash price
  • Easy Payment Options – You can pay installments at any courts branches or any other Unicomer location, by standing order,
    telebanking or internet banking
  • Hassle Free Credit approval in Less than 24 hours
  • Shop as often as you like: There are no restrictions to the number of purchases you can make with your
    available Ready Finance spend

Get Ready Finance at any of Unicomer’s Retail locations