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One in a Million Christmas: Enter for a chance to win $1M grand prize or $10,000 consolation prize. When you take a loan of $50,000 and more on 12 -36 months.
Promotion ends on the 5th December 2020.

Online Application Push
First 20 persons to Apply online win extra $10,000 cash! Conditions apply
Promotion ends on the 5th December 2020.


This competition is open to persons 18 years and over.

Ready Cash customers who take a loan of $50,000 and over on 12-36 months between November 1, 2020 – December 5, 2020 will automatically enter for a chance to win one million grand prize or $10,000 consolation prize.


A Total of Twenty-One (21) Winners

One (1) Grand Prize winner will get $1,000,000

Twenty (20) winners will get $10,000 consolation prize each

Total Prize Value: $1,200,000


  • A list of customers from 47 locations listed in appendix (Ready Cash, Courts and Lucky Dollar) who meet the requirements, will be generated by the IT department: Twenty-One (21) entries will be selected electronically via the Randompicker software each month.
  • Thirty (30) back-up entries will be selected if the entries selected does not meet all the requirements.
  • If all thirty (30) back up entries do not meet the requirement and winners are not found, the prize will be rendered null and void and retained by the organization.
  • Winners cash payment will be done by wire-transfer through the Finance department.
  • The draw will be conducted at 3:00 P.M. on December 18, 2020 at Unicomer Jamaica Ltd, 79 – 81A Slipe Road, Kingston 5.


After the prize draw is done and the winners confirmed, the winners will be contacted by telephone and advised of the prize they have won. If we are unable to locate the winners after the first call, two additional calls will be made throughout the day. We will allow for five rings for each call made; if unanswered after five rings, it will be considered a missed call. If all these calls are unanswered, we will move to the next person in line from the back-up entries. If there are no winners after exhausting all the back-up entries, then the prize will be rendered null and void and retained by Unicomer (Jamaica) Limited.


  • Prizes are not transferable.
  • Employees of Unicomer Jamaica Ltd. and their immediate family members (i.e. parents, grandparents, children,brothers, sisters, and non-estranged spouse) are not eligible to enter.
  • All Unicomer accounts held by the customer selected will be checked immediately after the draw to ensure that

they are in good financial standing on all accounts with the organization. In the event that they have been cancelled, refunded, or fall in arrears the customer will be disqualified.

  • If there is a history of bad debt write-o or repossession on any of the Unicomer accounts, the customer will be disqualified.
  • The Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission reserves the right to be present at all promotional draws.
  • Rules and Conditions will be posted at all participating branches.
  • Any changes to the rules of the promotion will be made with prior approval from the Betting Gaming & Lotteries Commission.
  • By claiming the prize, the winners agree that Unicomer Ja. Ltd. has the right to use his or her name and photograph for advertising and promotional purposes. If the winners refuse, then they have automatically forfeited their prize.
  • Winners must be present for the presentation of prize and must show proof of identification using any national ID e.g. Passport, drivers’ license, voter ID, before prize is issued. Winners are responsible for having a valid commercial bank account with a local (Jamaican) financial institution to facilitate wire transfer deposit of cash prize.
  • Winners have seven (7) business days after notification to submit required documents. Failure to do so will result in prize being null and void.
  • All credit agreements must be approved before a customer can be considered a winner
  • Every eort will be made to disburse all prizes within thirty (30) calendar days of the actual notification.

However, in the unusual event that a customer fails to provide the necessary information to facilitate the wire transfer and fail to turn up for presentation of prize; and given the time sensitive nature of the promotion, it will be rendered null and void and retained by Unicomer (Jamaica) Limited.

‘Ready Cash’ is an extension of Ready Finance. It is a part of your Ready Finance limit that may be used however you decide. Up to $1,000,000 can be used for personal use such as educational purposes, as well as purchase furniture, appliances, and electronics.
Ready Cash is flexible with a maximum loan amount being
  • Up to $130,000 for new customers
  • Up to $1,000,000 for existing customers.
All Courts stores in addition to 11-Standalone Locations Islandwide.
All the Ready Cash locations will operate from Monday to Saturday.
A loan agent will do a thorough interview with them and let them know the exact amount they are able to receive. The payment terms will be carefully outlined and any questions addressed.
Ready Cash Loans can be paid at any Courts, Lucky Dollar and Paymaster locations as well as Jamaica National Money Shops.
Once all the documents are in place the loan will be approved and disbursed within forty-eight (48) hours for new customers and twenty-four (24) hours for existing customers.

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Kingston &  St. Andrew

  • Cross Roads, Slipe Road, Kingston 5                                                             EXT 2061
  • Constant Spring, Kings Plaza, Kingston, and St. Andrew                     EXT 2711
  • Constant Spring Road, Kingston & St. Andrew                                         EXT 4623|4633
  • 68 ½ – 70 King Street, Kingston                                                                       EXT 4861
  • 18 – 20 King Street, Kingston                                                                           EXT 4103
  • Washington Blvd, 45 Elma Crescent, Kingston 20                                   EXT 6529|6532

St. Ann’s

  • St. Ann’s Bay, 45 Main Street, St. Ann’s Bay                                               EXT 6706
  • Ocho Rios, Da Costa Drive                                                                                 Ext 5660
  • Brown’s Town, Main Street                                                                               EXT 4401
  • Brown’s Town Shop 3&4 Main street Brown’s Town

St. Elizabeth

    • Black River, 14 High Street                                                                             EXT 4200
    • Santa Cruz, Shop 9 Santa Plaza                                                                     EXT 6109
    • Junction, Shop #6, Pines Plaza                                                                        EXT 6600
    • Santa Cruz, Shop #40 Santa Plaze
      EXT. 6120


  • Falmouth, Water Square, Trelawny                                                              EXT 4710

St. Thomas

  • Morant Bay, West Street, St. Thomas                                                             EXT 5525

St. James

  • Montego Bay, 11-13 Barnett Street, St. James                                            EXT. 5460
  • Bogue, Fairview Shopping Centre, Montego Bay                                        EXT 4503

St. Catherine

  • Linstead, 45 King Street                                                                                    EXT 5033
  • Linstead, Shop 30 Island Shopping Complex                                               Ext 5041
  • Portmore, Lot 15 Town Centre                                                                         EXT 6070
  • Spanish Town, 43 Young Street                                                                       EXT 6421
  • Oasis Plaza, March Pen Road                                                                           EXT 6421
  • Old Harbour, 27 East Street                                                                              EXT 5726|5721


  • Port Antonio, 9 Harbour Street                                                                      EXT 5880
  • Port Antonio, 54 West Street                                                                          EXT 5827
  • May Pen, 50 Main Street, Clarendon                                                            EXT 5370


  • Negril, Shop #3 Whitehall Plaza, Whitehall
  • Sav-la-Mar, 90 Great George’s Street                                                            EXT 6260
  • Sav-la-Mar, Great George’s Street                                                                  EXT 6226|6231


  • Lucea, MainStreet                                                                                              EXT 5128


  • Mandeville, 1 Baptist Road                                                                              EXT 5250
  • Christiana Main Street                                                                                      EXT 4503