Sometimes, we find ourselves in need of a little help to keep a smile on our faces through tough times. That’s why Ready Cash gives you fast access to easy Cash Loans.

  • Get up to $15,000 in cash

Customers can get a PayDay loan of $200 — $500, and repay in 30 days

How to apply for Ready Cash Payday/ Personal Loan

    •  Proof of Identity – Social Security (Preferred) or Passport
    • Proof of Income – Job Letter or recent payslip
    • Proof of Address – a recent utility bill (one-month-old)
    • Provide names of two (2) References

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready Cash is an extension of Ready Finance. It is a part of your Ready Finance limit that may be used however you decide. Up to $15,000 can be used for personal use such as educational purposes, as well as purchase furniture, appliances, and electronics.

New customers can get up to $3,000. For existing/subsequent customers, they may qualify for up to $15,000, subject to credit availability and history.

We offer flexible payment plans: Three (3) to thirty- six (36) months

a. Valid Identification Card: Social Security (preferably), Passport or Driver’s License
b. Proof of Address: Utility Bill (one-month-old)
c. Proof of Income: Job Letter or recent Pay Slips
d. Names of two (2) References

If self-employed, in addition to A, B & D above, the following will need to be provided:

  • Trade/Liquor License and/or Business Registration
  • Three (3) to six (6) months bank statements and/or tax returns (if available)
    – Food Vendors: Food Handlers License and/or receipts of purchases
    – Landlord: Rental Receipts and/or Lease Agreement/Contract

At any Courts store countrywide, Ready Cash (Independence Village, SC), Benque Kiosk- #26 George Price Boulevard, Benque Viejo Del Carmen (where Zitro International is located) , Corozal Kiosk- Ranchito (One-Mall Store).

Yes – the three (3) most recent payslips would suffice. However, if you are a first-time customer, a job letter may be required.

Upon receipt of all required documents and verification has been successful, cash loans are approved in one (1) hour.

In addition to online payments at Atlantic and Belize Bank, we accept cash, cheque, and debit card payments countrywide at any of our stores – inclusive of our Ready Cash office located on Amado Mena Avenue in Independence Village, Benque Kiosk- #26 George Price Boulevard, Benque Viejo Del Carmen (where Zitro International is located) , Corozal Kiosk- Ranchito (One-Mall Store). 

Other locations include our authorized agents:

  • Midtown Collection – Cemetery Road, Belize City
  • Milos – Pelican Street, San Pedro Town
  • Zitro – Freetown Road, Belize City
  • Sky Supermarket – Ladyville, BZ
  • MON to FRI: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • SAT: 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

With every loan issued to a new customer of ours, you can earn $50.00 cash back if you referred the customer.

The Consumer Protection Insurance offers this coverage and protection, as all our loans are insured against:

  • Death
  • Disability
  • Hospitalization (for agreements over 18 months)
  • Redundancy (for agreements over 18 months)

See in-store for details.

Apply for a Ready Cash Loan at these Locations

For more details call (501) 223-3482, (501) 223-3483, (501) 223-3484, (501) 615-3132 or visit any Courts Store

  • Philip Goldson Highway, Belize City – EXT. 4848
  • Buttonwood Bay Blvd , Belize City. Ext. 5010
  • Fifth Avenue, Corozal Town – EXT. 4207
  • One Mall Store, Ranchito,  Corozal. Cell  +501 610-1407
  • Belize-Corozal Road, Orange Walk Town – EXT. 4113
  • Front Street, Punta Gorda Town – EXT. 4605
  • Burns Avenue, San Ignacio Town – EXT. 4306
  • Constitution Drive, Belmopan City – EXT. 4401
  • George Price Boulevard, Benque Viejo Del Carmen Town +501 610-6522
  • St. Vincent Street, Dangriga Town – EXT. 4505
  • Amado Mena Avenue, Independence Village – EXT 5401

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